In recent years, technical communicators have focused on improving User Assistance through new technologies and systems, with the assumption that the nature of the content, the tone of voice, the writing style should remain the same. In this webinar, though leader Ellis Pratt will cover highlights of a new white paper on this topic; we’ll investigate whether the tried-and-tested writing methods from past decades still make sense today. We’ll look at the reasons why some organizations are “breaking the rules” with the User Assistance they provide.

Topics covered include:

  • Traditional approach to tech doc and the Tech Writer's relationship with the reader
  • Why change? The weakness with the current approach
  • Removing waste from user documentation
  • Using psychology as well as technology to provide effective User Assistance
  • The context where content is used
  • How can software help us make this change

About the presentor: Ellis is Director and Help Strategist at Cherryleaf, a technical writing services and training company based near London, in the United Kingdom. He has over fifteen years’ experience working in the field of documentation, has a BA in Business Studies, and is an Associate of the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Ranked the most influential blogger on technical communication in Europe, Ellis is also an author and editor of two books: ‘How to Write Instructions’ and ‘Trends in Technical Communication’.